Barings // Bearings: Contemporary Women’s Writing in Catalan

From Suddenly a Summer Anna PantinatTranslated by Gabriella Martin “Counting by sea (so that I may also be called a sailor).” GABRIEL FERRATER La Conca Buoyed by my seashore, a stripped-down crew on this rocky whale, endearing every day. I will play along to belong, yes, I will. And with the same baskets and matching sandals, […]

Rellegint Mujeres Libres

RELLEGINT MUJERES LIBRES  Elena Carreras, Irantzu Varela, Iniciativa Sexual Femenina, Mireia Redondo Prat, Núria Martínez-Vernis i Anna Pantinat 06.03.2019 – 07.03.2019 Dimecres 6 i dijous 7 de març, 18 – 20.30 h. Planta 0  Entrada gratuïta. Aforament limitat Activitat del projecte d’investigació Gràfica obrera i anarquista   L’abril de 1936 Lucía Sánchez Saornil, Mercedes Comaposada i Amparo […]